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M STORE LAB is Melium’s cutting-edge, multi-brand fashion incubator showcasing the latest trends in contemporary fashion. The store's concept revolves around the idea of experimentation & exploration where customers can discover new styles and emerging brands they may not have encountered before.

Genderless, ageless and supremely inclusive, M STORE LAB features a precisely curated selection of global brands, including ADLV, A.P.C., Naked Wolfe, Axel Arigato, Barrow, Frame, Fiorucci, Anderson Bell and many others, and collates the best of each brand under one roof. The focus is on quality, style, accessible pricing and the creation of a community of like-minded style seekers.

At M STORE LAB, the fashion is both accessible and inclusive. Whether you're looking for the latest contemporary, urban aesthetic or a unique style POV, the store lets you explore the collections and discover your new fave brand.