Founded in 1924 by my grandfather Enrico in Valenza, Damiani quickly became the jeweller of choice for noble families, including the Italian Royal Family. We, the Damiani family, now in our third generation, continue to manage the company with unparalleled passion and dedication. Our strategic choices are driven by this passion, merging with our savoir faire, tradition, and success. Giorgio, my brother, personally selects precious stones for our masterpieces, ensuring each piece meets our exacting standards. Damiani, the only jewellery company to win 18 Diamonds International Awards, remains true to its heritage, crafting each jewel by hand in Italy. With a strong identity, excellent craftsmanship, and original designs, Damiani creates unique and unrepeatable works of art that embody the essence of Italian jewellery excellence.” – Guido Grassi Damiani, President of the Damiani Group.