Vicenza, Italy. Since 1929.
FOPE has its roots within the goldsmithing traditions of Italy, which has its historical and manufacturing centre in the city of Vicenza.

Technology and design in 18-carat gold
FOPE launched it’s unmistakable Novecento Mesh, the soft gold weave in 1980, created by ingeniously crimping together intricate gold components without the need for welding, and a patented system called Flex’it, where microscopic 18-carat gold springs are inserted into the gold mesh to make it flexible. The Flex’it range has expanded and the mesh has been reinterpreted in both aesthetics and technology, with jewellery that offers new styles and unprecedented wearability. A masterpiece of both goldsmithing and engineering, Flex’it is a unique system: no other brand is able to produce flexible jewellery entirely and solely using 18-carat gold.

Contemporary jewellery for everyday luxury
Luxurious yet versatile, comfortable and genderless, minimalist yet refined. FOPE jewellery transcends trends, space and time, to be worn all day, every day.