Rodo has been an important protagonist in the luxury fashion sector for well over 60 years.

Rodo has dedicated and still dedicates itself to the creation of refined and sophisticated bags and shoes, the desire of women all over the world, with the same vocation, industriousness, and passion as always.

The characteristics for which RODO collections stand out and are considered unique are the elegant design, the quality of the product, and the hand workmanship involved in their manufacturing.

Many of the objects are true works of art, often jeweled and handcrafted, the result of unmistakable creative talent and skilled craftsmanship that has been conserved and developed over the years.

Through the years, no effort has been spared in sourcing the best materials. The choice of various types of leather and other components is the result of in-depth market studies and research.

The highest quality skins and the finest fabrics, metals, and other garnishes are used in the production of shoes and handbags.

The long and complex process, together with the precision of the machines and the skill of the processes carried out manually, allows the creation of products that are perfect down to the last detail and that answer the demands of its clients.

The extraordinary manufacturing liaison of willow, woven, and leather characterizes our most iconic products: natural materials, woven and handmade by respecting both nature and tradition and embellished with contemporary and refined design elements.