Chocolate Concierge

Hand crafted chocolates with local and seasonal ingredients
We stand alongside local cocoa farmers to present our best in front of chocolate lovers to champion the diverse and robust flavors of Malaysian cacao (カカオ). Our purpose is not in creating chocolates but to evaluate the symbiotic relationship (共生) between humans and nature.
At Chocolate Concierge, we appreciate the importance of social (社会的) and environmental (環境) sustainability, and we contribute by working with the indigenous "Orang Asli" (先住民) to make chocolate that is true to the traditions of the region (地域) to reflect the flavors that are authentic (本物), pure, and true to origin (原点). Honoring the 匠 (Shōkunin) spirit of craftsmanship, each creation is dedicated not only to the artisans who craft the chocolates but also to those who nurture the land from which cacao is grown. We invite you to savor and celebrate this local produce "jimoto" (地元) with every bite.