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At Fans, we create the most exquisite and delicate sweets lovingly handmade by our Japanese pastry chefs. We know you have been working hard for Malaysia, so why don’t you treat yourself with a taste of the rich traditional history and cutting-edge future of Japan! Let us blossom alongside you as a companion who is ever-present!

We promise to make your experience with us better with every visit with uniquely evolved Japanese-French fusion confectioneries, along with Japanese traditional Wagashi and other well-loved traditional French pastries! Just like Malaysia, our limitless sweet selection is as diverse and vibrant!

We work hard to cater to everyone’s desire. Halal, gluten-free, vegan, you name it! We have it! Our team carefully handpicked the ingredients so you can peacefully have a bite! We strive to bring our sweet Malaysian brand to be globally adored