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Founded in the 1960s by the Lubkowski family, LSA International is considered as one of Europe’s leading manufactures of handmade glass & porcelain. Specialising in glassware, from decanters to wine glasses and porcelain tableware, one of the key aspects of LSA International’s collection is the handmade nature of their pieces.

Complex traditional techniques transform high quality raw materials into distinctive products for entertaining, dining and decorating. Mouthblown glass offers seemingly endless possibilities for transformation, spurring experimentation with shape, colour and decoration. Our porcelain is produced in bespoke moulds, while multiple firing and glazing ensures its consistent tone and durability.

Raw materials are carefully selected for their quality and finish. Molten glass is gathered from the kiln then shaped and blown by teams of skilled craftsmen. Raw porcelain clay is formed in moulds to create an assortment of shapes and sizes. Natural wood is selected from responsible FSC® certified sources. Cowhide is tanned to make leather which naturally darkens in colour with age. Heavy-gauge steel is shaped then enamelled and fired to ensure deep colour and a high quality finish.