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Make yourself feel at home with Mayer

Mayer originated in Singapore and has since expanded to become a major distributor of high-quality home and kitchen appliances. Mayer Marketing Ltd was officially acquired by KHIND Holding Berhad in 2012. At the heart of the company is a strong social movement. It wants to bring back fun, innovation, and excitement into the kitchen. It tries to make home cooking a fun family activity for everyone, from newbie cooks to professional chefs. The brand has grown over the years, becoming a name trusted by customers.

Baking is an art form that needs proper baking essentials in order to be successful. Because of the higher level of technology in general, advancements in baking technology were quick. The firm delivers a variety of baking essentials like cupcake maker,multifunctional hand blender and electric kitchen scale. From tools that make it easier to perfect your decorating skills to long-lasting baking equipment that ensures your dish turns out perfectly every time, Mayer has it all.

Enjoy a healthy meal with Mayer
The company delivers a variety of products and the air fryer is one of the best sellers. You can grill, bake, roast, and even reheat your favourite foods with this innovative Airfryer featuring Rapid Air technology. The air fryer has a digital display and a 60-minute timer. You can monitor your food with ease via the see through window. The frying basket and basket tray can be removed easily to wash off any excess oil, grease and food stains. With minimal usage of oil and grease, this provides you with a healthier cooking option.

Compact designs to suit your modern lifestyle
Apart from baking and cooking essentials, it offers appliances for home too. The Cool Breeze Rechargeable USB Fan of this brand is known for its innovative technology and it acts as a cooling specialist. On hot days, slim and lightweight USB fans keep you cool. Because the fan and motor are derived from successful case fans, it operates almost silently; simply connect to one of the USB ports in your notebook. With its compatible size, you can carry it anywhere. The flexible hold suspension system provides enough grip to keep the fan in almost any odd position.

The other flagship product of this brand is a high velocity fan which is extremely flexible, with surprising power in a compact package. Powerful, high-efficiency fans are frequently used to ventilate partially or entirely enclosed rooms, dry out damp or moist surroundings, and cool individuals when there is no or minimal air conditioning. High-velocity fans consume less energy than air conditioners since they cool only the skin rather than the entire area. The fan comes with turbo mode and it rapidly dissipates heat in the room to cool down the atmosphere, creating a soothing and cooling environment.