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Texture By C3 Lab was co-founded in 2020. C3 Lab specialises in creating modern French pastries with the perfect balance in flavours and textures. C3 Lab is also specialised in creating Chocolate Artistry and Sugar Showpiece. Our brand mainly on a minimalist concept, and emphasis on taste as well as aesthetic of each product, balancing both taste and appearance to provide an exquisite indulgence of sweet pleasure. Premium ingredients are used for research and development.

To provide baked goods of pastry, chocolate and sugar display with exceptional quality to every household in Selangor and Klang Valley.

We are passionate in creating sweet tooth that would take your breath away by the first bite. We also offers consultancy service and collaboration with brands that will be directly conducted by our renowned chefs.

We are committed to the art of pastry, from careful ingredient selection to refinement of baking processes.

To ensure our staff comes first, so they can better care for our clients, customers and guests.